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It’s been years, and I can’t even imagine the things you’ve been through. But I don’t know. You just seem…more focused, confident, like… …like you know what you want. You grew up, Sam.

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We really need to bring this back

We really, really, REALLY need to bring this back.

why is river song giving john watson a bafta?


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good thing harry potter didnt choose slytherin

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Happy birthday Misha Collins! (August 20th, 1974)

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I don’t want to be his queen. I want to go home.

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i literally tried to make up a nice caption for this one but i failed. there’s no word in any language in this word, not even in Gallifreyan i think, to describe the happiness in the eyes and the laugh of this man… 
only 3 sleeps left Peter, just 3 of them…

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Though it is important to note the reason why he was banned was due to breach of contract, not due to legal issues surrounding potential sexual assault. Basically, in a con you're not allowed to touch fans in a way that could be deemed inappropriate and you're not allowed to interact with fans whilst intoxicated. They're very strict on this, because people running the cons can get sued if fans do complain.

thank you so much for clarifying this whole thing!

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(4) the fans that had a negative reaction to what he was doing. But I think it was just an unfortunate situation where must people lost out, including Ty who I think was very regretful about what unfolded. I think the blame is on whoever spiked him, and it's something that needs to be looked into, as people bringing roofies into conventions are clearly dangerous people to be around.

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(3) say anything more on the subject as there's a lot of unknown information, and you still have the debate of whether Ty can even be held responsible for his actions if he was roofied. Judging from how he was behaving at Asylum 12, I don't think it his behavior at Vegascon was normal for him (he was drunk at one point during asylum, but again, he didn't do anything but get emotional) and I think he was in a state of confusion. Personally, I don't hold him to blame, but I am compassionate for

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(2) convention. There's also the issue that people are claiming that some fans took advantage of what was apparently an obvious intoxicated state. From his behavior at Asylum 12 I didn't see him doing anything inappropriate, though he did do some 'racy things' on stage during the karaoke, but I was also there and it was clear he was avoiding directing anything at me due to the fact I'm 16. He was also talking to some girls at the bar afterwards, but nothing really seemed to be happening. I can't