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OK so I can’t be the only person who was a little bit sceptical when Jared said (at Torcon) that Gadreel talked in iambic pentameter (“I bet he just talks in iambs but not in petameter,” I thought) (OH MAN I AM SUCH A GEEK) - but turns out I was being unfair. He only does it in Holy Terror and Road Trip, the two episodes where Gadreel’s true identity has been revealed: but all the lines above are taken from those episodes and all of them are lines of iambic pentameter (there are more but the gifset was getting too long).

[Hopefully this explanatory section isn’t too obnoxious, as everybody everywhere in the world has to do Shakespeare at school (and why not, he’s awesome) so you probably know this; but in case you needed your memory jogged:

Poetry written in iambic pentameter is written in lines of five two-syllable feet (called ‘iambs’). The first syllable is unstressed and the second syllable is stressed: for example, the word ‘comPARE’ makes up an iamb because in natural English speech you stress the second syllable. Shakespeare uses this metre a lot, e.g. ‘Shall I compare you to a summer’s day’.

In the gifs I’ve put stressed syllables in red. If you read the lines stressing those syllables, you should find that fits with the natural cadence of the words.

Jared’s performance of the lines doesn’t always stress those syllables with complete regularity - for example, he says ‘But Metatron, would that not make YOU God?’ - but that’s just good reading. If everybody read iambic pentameter with repetitive, exaggerated emphasis it would sound really boring and unnatural. OK, end of English class!]

This. This is all correct.


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What Harry Potter house do you think Misha would be in?




That’s a super tough question.

He’s brave and stubborn, like a Gryffindor.

He’s smart and witty, like a Ravenclaw.

He’s friendly and kind, like a Hufflepuff.

And he’s ambitious and devious, like a Slytherin.

The Sorting Hat is going to spend a long time on this one.

I agree with all of these points… which I’m pretty sure means that by HP universe rules, the predominant character trait and/or the one valued highest by the person actually being sorted is going to determine which house they ultimately end up in. In which case I’m gonna go with Hufflepuff.

Ah, but question is what house would 11-year-old Misha want, not grown-man Misha. So what was Misha like at 11? What did he value?

  • "I was fat when I was little [….] I weighed the same when I was eleven as I did when I started college. […] and I wore plaid polyester pants with plastic boots. […] I got beat up some, but I don’t think it was terribly satisfying for anyone." (source)
  • "the kind of stuff I used to do to my Mom was just terrible. I was a horrible, horrible son.” (source)
  • "We were on welfare and very poor for some time and we were homeless for a while. When I was eleven, we were taken in by [friends who let us live on their] farm for several months. They were unbelievably generous with us. They gave us essentially room and board for months because they knew we didn’t have a place to go, and they enabled us to feel like we weren’t a burden there, by allowing me to work on the farm and to earn my keep. Of course at eleven, I was completely useless and probably more in the way than anything, but it was just like an extension of their kind act to allow me to think that I wasn’t a burden there, and so I would go out in the field and transplant leeks and rake hay into rows and things like that." (source)
  • "I didn’t really quite fit into any groups. I  wasn’t a stoner. I tried repeatedly to smoke pot and enjoy it and failed every time. I was kind of geeky but wasn’t a nerd, because nerds do extremely well in school, and that wasn’t my style." (source)
  • "I had planned to be a senator when I grew up. […] I was going to go to law school and be a contributing member of society and I’ve given all that up." (source)

  • "Nuclear holocaust was a big [fear] for me. My mom was very sort of politically active, and we were always going to like nuclear freezone protests, and she wanted me to stay educated about it, so she was always talking about the prospect of nuclear obliteration. And it really started to freak me out. For some reason, when I was growing up, bright sunny days, with beautiful weather, I was horrified. Like, I would go into depressive spells. Like, “This is all going to be completely gone when we all go up in a ball of fire.” So that was a big one for me. I used to have nightmares constantly." (source)
  • " my younger brother, we grew up in Massachusetts. My parents split up when I was three and my mom moved across the state, a hundred miles away from my dad, and every other weekend we would go visit him on the bus. We would take the Englander bus line and go see my dad. It was a long bus ride, three hours. […] And as we got older, on the return trip my dad would give us the money for the bus, and we’d be like, dad we’ll take the train and the bus, you relax, and then we’d just go down to the interstate I-90 […] and we’d hitchhike home, and have pocket money. We started doing that when I was like eleven and he was nine. Anyway, seriously though, hot tip: as an adult, I have tried to hitchhike a few times, I’ve had some weird and unpleasant experiences. As a child, any kids in the audience: if you’re a kid hitchhiking it is a cinch. Everybody will pick up a kid with his thumb up on the side of the interstate. So just keep that in mind." (source)

I think, given Misha’s ambition and cunning, that he fits into Slytherin more than any other house.  I also think that he wouldn’t want to be in Slytherin (and with his family background, he’d hardly fit in), and that he’d request Gryffindor because, you know, it looks better on a resume than Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

Vicki would definitely be a Gryffindor. In fact, she has a lot of Hermione-like traits.

Also, I love that we’re having this conversation.

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#Sam is like #man it’s pretty chilly lemme just warm my hands on this burning corpse

fun fact: Sam warming his hands wasn’t in the script. Before they shot this scene the director was talking to Jared and mentioned that it was a cold night. Jared thought the director was telling him to show that it was cold out, so he did this

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Cedric Diggory tried to call off the entire Quidditch game and get a re-match when he caught the snitch after Harry fell off his broom


And it was a Hufflepuff who figured out how Sirius was getting into Hogwarts in Prisoner of Azkaban

‘Disguised himself, probably,’ said a Hufflepuff fifth year.

Hufflepuffs are so underrated

Hufflepuffs are the Canadians of Harry Potter.

Hey tehjai

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I like how Natasha always cares about other people’s safety before hers.

Can the Man of Steel do that? No he can’t.

In other words where the hell is my Black Widow movie?

When HYDRA was in pursuit of her in the CATWS movie, I wondered why Nat kept running straight, when a zig zag pattern would have made her harder to hit. It just now occured to me, if she HAD ran in a zig zag pattern while surrounded by innocent pedestrians in DC, the Winter Soldier’s bullets could have hit any number of people. She had increased the chances of her getting shot just to make sure more people got away.

I think this is one of the reasons she bonds so well with Steve.

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My mum didn’t know it was a TV show and she freaked out when she saw me googling ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

Long story short, she called the whole family round and gave us the standard ‘murder will not be tolerated in this family’ lecture


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This is such an amazing, creative and proactive approach towards negativity. I’m re-blogging this as I can be applied to any one’s life and struggle.

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There is also a death for the immortal jellyfish. He is very bored.

Artwork by Chris Gugliotti [webcomic | tumblr]